Saturday, 30 July 2011


About my tecnique... here I leave the second one:

2- Epoxic clay. I build a structure with wire. I cover it with rigid urethan foam which I shape until the volume is quite perfect. The foam I use is a bicomponent one. It is cheap, but remember to use a filter mask to avoid intoxication! You can use the sealer one. It's easier, until you learn to control the bicomponent one.
This phase is important because it ease the entire process... if the volume is imperfect, you'll spend lot of time repairing it and trying to change it. Then I cover the foam with a thin coat of epoxic clay. The difficulty here is that it dries in an hour, so you have to give detail immediately. The trick is work in part, like a puzzle, until the surface is done. I work the texture with metal dental tools, to give shape and texture. Some people prefer to use a minidrill to give details. I don't, but the results I saw are great!
The final step is paint it with oil, acrylic, water colors, spray cans, aerograph...

Here I'm shaping foam with knives and sandpaper

Here another work in process: you can see the wire structure covered by foam (the pink thing: I colored it to seal the dust of the foam). A thin epoxic clay coat cover part of the body. It is already detailed with texture. The sketch show the wanted result.

Another work in progress: life size.

This is almost finished, already painted.


  1. wow whats this crazy jewelled beetle , any more photos?

  2. muy bonito tu trabajo, sería interesante que hagas un tutorial en youtube sobre tus trabajos.
    saludos eres genial..