Sunday, 10 July 2011


As I promised, here is goes the second part of the story...

Mirham Ascencio was the woman who saw how the policemen were removing Mushroomoon from his base, to take it away. Her intention was just taking a few picture of the work, but she arrive in the right place at the right time...

Mirham wrote this, and I just want you to read these words, that proves a deep love for art, in spite of all the rules, and thank her from the heart, because I really don't know what would happen to Mushroomoon without her!

"I just did what any one else would do if you see someone starting something beautiful. I tried to avoid it and ask for an explanation. The sad part is, that they appellate to the City Law that says that the public route is for everyone and that you cannot attempt versus people’s rights by installing something in the city without permission.
I said the art is also for everyone, for the people, they answer they were spaces specially designed to this labor.
This people, refused to show me any id, but they did told me they would take the Mushroomoon to the City´s Government Office.
By the time all this ended, I search by Facebook to Francesca and let her know about the destination of her wonderful piece.
Now I know Mushroomoon is backing home where it belongs and I’m happy for that.
Congratulations Francesca for your work and I hope someday our government realizes the importance of cultural development and that they support these actions instead of censured them.
That’s all I can tell, and as I said before, I think this is what everyone would have done.


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